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4 Questions to Ask Your Geriatrician

4 Questions to Ask Your Geriatrician

The geriatrician at Mercy Medical Clinic looks after the seniors in our lives. As we age, we continue to notice more issues occurring, and someone with extensive knowledge on the subject should be the one to help with any future conditions. Contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 615 S Highway 78 Suite 100 Wylie, TX 75098

Geriatrician Near Me in Wylie, TX
Geriatrician Near Me in Wylie, TX

Table of Contents:

What does a geriatric specialist do?
What is considered geriatric care?
What are the benefits of going to a geriatric specialist?
How do you find a good geriatric specialist in Wylie TX?

What does a geriatric specialist do?

Geriatric specialist is also known as a geriatrician or geriatric physician. Whichever name you decide to go with, they all mean the same thing. They are a primary care physician who specializes in treating seniors. If you have a loved one who is a senior, our geriatrician specialist is the specific kind of doctor you would generally want to see.

As we age, we can become susceptible to chronic conditions including heart disease and arthritis, and illnesses including pneumonia. Geriatric specialists are specifically qualified to help their patients address and manage their conditions, whether they be short or long-term.

What is considered geriatric care?

Geriatric specialists treat multiple conditions including cardiovascular disease, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, respiratory infections, hypertension, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, and other chronic conditions that target older individuals.

Geriatric specialists can also treat minor injuries or illnesses while reviewing other aspects of the patient’s health. Normal primary care services also take effect here including:

• Physical examinations
• Immunizations/vaccinations
• Continued care for chronic conditions
• Preventative healthcare measures
• Cancer screenings;
• And much more!

Other common issues that many seniors tend to start dealing with as they age that geriatric specialists can help with include:

• Urinary incontinence
• Sleep issues
• Delirium
• Dementia
• Falls osteoporosis
• Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

What are the benefits of going to a geriatric specialist?

There are many benefits that geriatric specialists provide that seniors have to deal with each day as they get older. Geriatricians have extra specified training that helps seniors with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of specific medical health conditions or issues that may continue to affect them the older they get.

How do you find a good geriatric specialist in Wylie TX?

When interviewing clinics for yourself or a loved one, it is best to review these important factors, which include:

1. Is the physician you are seeing today properly or fully trained
You won’t feel confident about the individual you are seeing if they do not have the proper certifications.

2. Patients have more ease of access to care one
What are the office hours, the shape of the clinic, parking availability, and traffic within the area?

3. Do you as a patient feel comfortable with the way our pediatricians speak
Watch to see how your doctor interacts with you, as well as other staff members in the clinic. As well, you can ask if you can communicate with them via phone, texting or if they respond with the artwork.

4. And finally, what is the guided possibility for us
During your consultation or “meet and greet” appointment, is it best to pay attention, feel out the office atmosphere, and vibe, and find out whether they will take the time to be there for you?

While there is no set age as to when you can start going to see a geriatric specialist, many will only see patients starting at a certain age in their lives. This age is usually around 65 years old. If you are interested in being a patient of a geriatric specialist, there are a few things as to why it is the better choice for a primary care physician:

• As we age, our body starts to become more frail or impaired, needing a doctor who understands this and can help is key
• As we continue to age, we may begin to notice multiple conditions arise that require more complex care from a professional like a geriatric specialist that includes medication routines.
• Many can no longer receive adequate medical support from their caregiver like their children, and need proper medical healthcare attention for their age now and moving forward.

If you are looking for a medical physician, and you are not sure if you need a geriatric specialist or another primary care physician, call Mercy Medical Clinic today to book an appointment online. We serve patients from Wylie TX, Lavon TX, Rockwall TX, Sachse TX, Allen TX, Winningkoff TX and BEYOND.