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Preventive Care Services in Wylie, TX

Mercy Medical Clinic offers preventive care services by experienced physicians. Do not hesitate to call us or request an appointment online. We are open 5 days a week!

Preventive Care Services in Wylie, TX

Have you been searching for preventive care near you? If you live in the Wylie TX area, then come to Mercy Medical Clinic. We’ve been a part of your community for some time now, offering comprehensive primary and preventive care services to the residents of Wylie area.

Do you offer annual physicals at Mercy Medical Clinic?

Yes, we do! We can offer annual physicals and regular checkups here at Mercy Medical Clinic. You can request a quick checkup or a comprehensive exam, depending on your needs. These exams can include but not limited to an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), blood work, and/or urinalysis. We’re sure that as you become acquainted with your physician, you’ll become very comfortable with them, and we hope you’ll make them your long-term, primary physician. It’s a good idea to get a regular physical, and we can provide that at our clinic. An annual physical is fundamental for preventive care and long-term health because the doctor can check for any issues before they become bigger issues. We will advice you about healthy diet and life style choices, which will keep you healthier. We will check your heart health too, among many other things.

Do you offer men’s and women’s wellness exams at Mercy Medical Clinic?

Wellness exams are another primary part of preventive care. We offer men’s wellness and women’s wellness exams here at our clinic, including geriatric wellness exams. Our exams typically include any vaccinations you require, screenings for certain conditions, and more. Our men’s wellness exams can include checking for any issues with your prostate. A well-woman examination can include pap-smears and breast exams along with any other tests you require. All of these exams are crucial in screening for cancer or any other common men’s or women’s issues.

What about preoperative examinations and other examinations?

If you ever have to go in for surgery, then we can definitely help you prepare for it with a full preoperative exam. Simply bring your referral to us, and we’ll provide the exam, and then send the results to your surgeon. Preoperative examinations are absolutely crucial to ensure you’re a good candidate for surgery, and that you’re in good health for one. We also provide pre-employment physicals for adults, sports physicals and other wellness exams for seniors. Your long-term health is our primary concern here at Mercy Medical Clinic, and with our preventive care services, we provide that.

Where can I get preventive care services in Wylie TX?

You can come right over to us at Mercy Medical Clinic! We are a primary care, Internal Medicine clinic. You will find us at 615 S Highway 78 Suite 100 Wylie, TX 75098. We are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm. If you’d prefer to make an appointment with us, you can do so by calling us at (972) 429-1077.

We look forward to meeting you here at Mercy Medical Clinic!