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Minor Surgical Procedures in Wylie, TX

At Mercy Medical Clinic we perform numerous minor surgical procedures that includes minor cut or laceration repair, sutures (stitching), ear lavage for wax buildup, cryotherapy, joint Injections, cyst removals & many more. For further details, call or visit us today at 615 S Highway 78, Suite 100, Wylie, Texas 75098.

Minor Surgical Procedures in Wylie, TX

We can perform a number of procedures right in our clinic, as we have the equipment and professionals to get the job done right here. Your local hospital emergency room (ER) can provide many minor surgical procedures, but here at Mercy Medical Clinic, it can be much more convenient and affordable. A minor surgical procedure is simple and quick, and we’ll have you out the door in next to no time.

What is a minor surgical procedure?

A minor surgical procedure is a surgery that can be performed in an outpatient environment. This means general anesthesia or respiratory assistance is not required, and only local anesthesia is necessary. The patient is generally comfortable throughout the procedure, and it will be completed in very little time.

What are some minor Procedures provided at Mercy Medical Clinic?

Here at Mercy Medical Clinic, we can provide many different minor surgeries, all right in our clinic! Some of the common minor procedures we perform include:

  • Minor cut or laceration repair
  • Sutures (stitching), and stitch or staple removal
  • Ear lavage for wax buildup
  • Incision and drainage of abscess (this might require some limited self care after the procedure)
  • Cryotherapy, which is the freezing of skin lesions
  • Wart removals, simple skin tag removals, cyst removals, etc.
  • Tendon, ligament, and joint injections
  • Some other simple procedures (please contact our clinic to see what we can do for you)

Does Mercy Medical Clinic do minor procedure?

Yes! Mercy Medical Clinic, provide minor procedures like the procedures mentioned above. Here at Mercy Medical Clinic, we’re able to provide many more procedures than some other clinics. Also, our professionals are fully certified and qualified to perform any of these minor procedures. Our clinic environments are sterile and fully equipped for the procedures. We’re sure you’ll have an easy, quick experience with us. If you need a minor procedure in Wylie TX, your best bet is us at Mercy Medical Clinic.

Can I go to Mercy Medical Clinic for minor procedure in Wylie, TX?

You absolutely can, yes. Our clinic is located at 615 S Highway 78 Suite 100 Wylie, TX 75098. We’re open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.