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Blood Pressure Doctor Q&A

Blood Pressure Doctor Q&A

At Mercy Medical Clinic, our board-certified and highly skilled internal medicine doctors have plenty of experience and expertise in providing effective blood pressure management and treatments! For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 615 S Highway 78 Suite 100 Wylie, TX 75098!.

Blood Pressure Doctor Near Me in Wylie, TX
Blood Pressure Doctor Near Me in Wylie, TX

Table of Contents:

What is the main cause?
How is hypertension managed?
Can hypertension be cured?
How can Mercy Medical Clinic help with blood pressure management?

Hypertension also referred to as high blood pressure, is a serious and chronic medical condition that requires medical care and management to ensure it does not have an adverse impact on a patient’s quality of life. As such, if you are or are concerned that you are dealing with hypertension, it is important to seek medical attention and evaluation so that you can take control of your condition without letting it negatively impact your life. At Mercy Medical Clinic, our medical doctors and hypertension specialists would be pleased to provide you with high-quality hypertension treatment!

What is the main cause?

While there are several different causes or triggers of hypertension or blood pressure, the exact cause of hypertension is not always clear. Upwards of 95% of hypertension cases occur without a known cause. Such hypertension cases are referred to as essential or primary hypertension. In cases where a direct cause is linked to hypertension in an individual, it is referred to as secondary hypertension. With that being said, the most common contributing factors or triggers of hypertension include the following:

• Adrenal gland and thyroid disorders
• Alcohol and tobacco use
• Certain medications, such as vasoconstrictors or birth control pills containing estrogen
• Diabetes
• Diets that are high in salt consumption, saturated fats, and trans fats, and low in fruits and vegetables
• Genetics
• Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
• Obesity
• Physical inactivity or sedentary lifestyles
• Stress

How is hypertension managed?

Hypertension is managed through a combination of medication, treatment, and lifestyle modifications. As such, a treatment plan will be developed and established with you and your doctor to help you manage hypertension in effective ways. In developing this treatment plan, you and your doctor will isolate and prioritize the key contributing factors to your case of hypertension while also running tests to determine how serious your condition is and the most optimal way forward for managing or overcoming hypertension.

With that in mind, some of the lifestyle modifications, medications, and treatments involved in your treatment plan could include any of the following:

• Alpha-blockers or alpha-beta blockers, to reduce nerve signals to blood vessels
• Beta-blockers to lessen the workload on your heart and widen blood vessels
• Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), or calcium channel blockers, to relax blood vessels
• Cutting out trans and saturated fats, reducing salt consumption, and eating more fruits and vegetables
• Diuretics, also called water pills, eliminate sodium and water from your body
• Establishing a regular exercise routine
• Limiting alcohol consumption
• Renin inhibitors, to slow renin production, which contributes to increased blood pressure (not to be taken with ARBs or ACE inhibitors)
• Vasodilators, to prevent the arteries from narrowing and tightening

Can hypertension be cured?

Hypertension is a chronic condition. As such, while hypertension can be effectively controlled and managed with medication, treatment, and lifestyle modifications, there is no official cure for hypertension. At the same time, hypertension can go away with successful treatment and management of the condition over an extended period.

How can Mercy Medical Clinic help with blood pressure management?

At Mercy Medical Clinic, our board-certified and highly skilled internal medicine doctors have plenty of experience and expertise in providing effective hypertension management treatments! If you would like more information about our hypertension management and treatment options at Mercy Medical Clinic, we welcome you to give us a call!

Please feel free to schedule an appointment online with one of our internal medicine doctors at Mercy Medical Clinic through our website or by calling us. Mercy Medical Clinic is located at 615 S Highway 78, Suite 100, in Wylie, TX. We serve patients from Wylie TX, Lavon TX, Rockwall TX, Sachse TX, Allen TX, and Winningkoff TX.